5 Steps to Prepare Your Lake Lanier Home for Sale

5 Steps to Prepare Your Lake Lanier Home for Sale

  • All Points Team of Compass
  • 03/12/22

As we head into another stellar year for the real estate industry, it is the perfect time to get a jump on necessary renovations for your home and put it on the market. Since the pandemic, Lake Lanier real estate has boomed with a strong seller’s market. Remote work has given people the option to move farther away from the city and enjoy a stress-free lakeside home. The popularity and interest in Lake Lanier homes for sale means now is the time to list your home and earn the best return on your investment.

Here are five steps to start the process.

Work with a Compass Concierge agent

If you want to garner the best value for your home, there is no better way than partnering with a Compass Concierge agent like myself! As a Compass agent, I have some great resources to help you boost your home’s value. For example, through the Compass Concierge service, I can help you get an estimate for repairs, home improvements and even staging. Once we have successfully transformed your home into a market-ready sensation, you’ll be ready to sell your house. Compass Concierge can cover the following services for Lake Lanier real estate:

  • Floor repair
  • Roofing repair
  • Staging
  • Deep cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Pest control
  • Moving and storage
  • Kitchen renovation

There are more than 100 other services available to boost the value of Lake Lanier homes for sale using Compass Concierge. Get in touch to learn how I can help you get the most of this service.

Create curb appeal

First impressions are everything, and buyers scoping out Lake Lanier homes for sale want to see impeccable exteriors. One of the best ways to prepare your home for sale is to make it eye-catching for anyone who just happens to drive by. An inviting exterior will result in more potential buyers and enhanced traffic through the property. If you want to boost the value of your home, keeping the outside of your home well maintained is a must. Consider refreshing or completely repainting the trim, mow and edge the lawn regularly, and tend your flowers and shrubs, so they always look bright and beautiful.


Prospective buyers want the opportunity to envision themselves in your home. Eliminating all clutter and personal belongings from the space allows buyers to imagine arranging their belongings. Moreover, items on display might benefit from some decluttering as well. Too many things on shelves, tables, countertops, or open cabinets can distract the buyer and hinder their ability to picture themselves in your home. One rule of thumb is to reduce by 50%. So, if you have ten of your favorite figurines displayed on your mantel, remove five of them to open up the space. Take down any items of a political or religious nature that might be off-putting to buyers. Instead, keep them in storage until you can proudly display them in your beautiful new home.

Have your home inspected

Hiring a home inspector will help bring up any potential issues before you list. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a home inspector to look at your Lake Lanier home:

  • Find an inspector you trust. Researching different inspectors and finding one you can rely on will give you peace of mind. While your realtor will also have some options for you, it never hurts to do your own research.

  • Ask questions. If there’s something the inspector tells you that you don’t quite understand, don’t be afraid to ask them about it. It’s better to learn more about the issue ahead of time than when you’re in the middle of a sale.

  • Get pictures. Any reliable home inspector will bring a camera to take pictures and crawl into the small, dusty spaces that most people wouldn’t. Have your inspector take photos of all possible issues in those areas to see for yourself. Furthermore, thermal and infrared technology allows you and your inspector to look behind walls and under floors, crucial components of any inspection.

  • Complete a pre-inspection on your own. It never hurts to take a good look around the house before the inspector arrives. Lake Lanier real estate is particularly susceptible to wind and flood damage, so make a note of any signs of underlying damage.

  • Test GFCIs. GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, outlets are installed in areas of moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. The inspector will know how to test these to ensure you experience no electrical issues.

Deep clean

Getting your home spick and span is one of the most important things to prepare your house for listing. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service since they might be able to reach those spots you ordinarily miss. If you go the DIY route, don’t skip the little-used areas of the house, such as small closets and nooks and crannies that may have collected more dust over the years. Since homes in Lake Lanier are more exposed to elements like wind and water, give the exterior the attention it deserves. And never underestimate the impact clean windows can have on the appearance of your home. While it may not be the first thing that catches the buyer’s eye, sparkling windows look impressive from the outside.

There has never been a more perfect time to put your home on the market. Since Lake Lanier real estate is booming, you won’t be sorry to start preparations now. If a DIY process feels too overwhelming, get in touch with our team for personalized advice — we’ll be happy to assist you! Contact us at [email protected] when you’re ready to get started.

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